Talking Tablet Recipe

Talking Tablet Recipe

Software or Services Used

Tasker, AutoNotification, IFTTT


Any > 4.0 Android Device

Possible Uses

  • Welcome home “Hello Rod”
  • Tell you the weather
  • Tell you what’s happening around you
  • Notify you of any earthquakes
  • There is motion in another room


This can get annoying for the people around you if this feature isn’t used sparingly or used when ONLY you are around.

Method for the earthquake example

1. Setup Tasker

  1. Download AutoNotification
  2. Create a new AutoNotification Plugin State within Tasker
  3. Select your filter command (ie. earthquake)
  4. Enter the task with the ‘Say’ command
  5. Enter a new task (named earthquake)
  6. Enter text New Earthquake %ancomm

2. Setup IFTTT to send an Android Notification

  1. You will need IFTTT installed
  2. Make a new RSS trigger with :
  3. New android Notification


You can get your tablet to respond to anything you would like. This could also be used as craigslist notifications to your devices.