Recipe: Turn LED Strip Red Before an Appointment

Recipe: Turn LED Strip Red Before an Appointment

Software Used

Zapier, AutoRemote, Tasker, Smart Remote(app)

Hardware Required

IR android device, LED Strips


  1. Begin with creating a new Zapier task that has:
    ledstep1Trigger: Google Calendar and Event Start
    Action: AutoRemote and New Message
  2. Under #4 Only trigger an event start from Google Calendar when:Time before: 45 minutes
  3. #5  Enter the text that you will create a new filter for in your Android IR device to launch the task.Ie. turnonleds
  4. On your Android device open Tasker and create a new ‘profile’ ‘state’ ‘plugin’ ‘AutoRemote’
  5. Edit with the command text you pickedScreenshot_2014-10-08-11-24-24
  6. in the Task you would add the ‘plugin’ for Smart Remote and pick your action. 2014-10-08 11.41.55
  7. In your Task Edit wait a few minutes then turn them on  2014-10-08 11.36.33

All Done!!  Now every time you have a new appointment you will be notified through LEDs!