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iPhone and Home Automation


Apple makes amazingly intuitive products.  It also restricts the capability of them to limit the ‘options’ users have to make it easy for just about everyone to pick it up and use it.  When using your iPhone with Home Automation you’re limited in what you can do without opening that up.

Step 1: Jailbreak and then keep reading

Don’t want to?  You’re going to need to link Siri to an Android device.

Home Automation on an iPhone without a jailbreak (learn how) is pretty painful as there is far more interesting things you can do with your device that you need to unleash.



The master automator for iOS is discussed with ways to integrate with your automation hub.  You can edit your triggers based on applications that open, schedules, events or settings on your phone.  Read More


Top 10 Automation Tweaks

Just having activator is a good start but you also need to get some tweaks to make your system more integrated.  There are a few MUST haves and we break them down for you.


Custom Remote

Having a remote on the wall is very cconvenient  It can allow you to have custom scripts to run all over your house and beyond.



IFTTT is great to integrate a lot of functionality of the web into your system without a jailbreak.  It also allows a ‘no coding’ option to do some complicated tasks.  Keep reading to read some interesting recipes.


Link Android and iOS Together

Since iOS and Android are different ecosystems they don’t work well together.  We show you a way you can still use an iPhone but take advantage of all the open source work done on the other side.

best-ios-productsBest Products for iOS

iOS has a lot of accessories and we breakdown the best accessories for automation that will improve your iPads functionality and make your iPhone double as a wallet/key etc.

Home Automation with the Iphone Basic Checklist

  1. Find out your hubs API for launching GET requests to your devices
  2. Create custom commands to launch them via Launch Center Pro
  3. Jailbreak if possible and create ‘Menus’ in Activator

iPhone Discussion

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