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IFTTT Home Automation Recipes


IFTTT is an incredible tool. You can do almost anything from creating fancy lighting recipes that once you email yourself it can turn on your HUE lights. We talk about the most useful recipes that you won’t find on other automation websites.

All of these you can do yourself:


IFTTT Home and Phone Automation Favourite Recipes

IFTTT Recipe: Mute my ringer at bedtime connects date-time to android-device

IFTTT Recipe: Turn volume up by text (when phone lost in cushions)  connects android-sms to android-device

IFTTT Recipe: Make a grand entrance with Philips Hue + IFTTT connects ios-location to philips-hue

IFTTT Recipe: If you exit an area. Turn OFF WiFi to save battery power connects ios-location to ios-notifications

IFTTT Recipe: Save my iOS photos to Dropbox connects ios-photos to dropbox

IFTTT Recipe: Save Facebook photos you're tagged in to iOS Photos connects facebook to ios-photos

IFTTT Recipe: If you enter an area, Turn back ON WiFi to save cellular data connects ios-location to ios-notifications

IFTTT Recipe: Turn on a space heater connects android-wear to wemo-switch

IFTTT Recipe: Turn off the lights connects android-wear to philips-hue