How to Fix Apple Watch Battery with 10 Tips and tricks

How to Fix Apple Watch Battery with 10 Tips and tricks

Over the past month I’ve yet to need a charge before bed and my day starts at 6am and goes until 11:30.  I have lots of notifications, I use the workout feature for 45m a day and use Siri for everything. There have been a few days where I wasn’t sure if it would last the whole day though. These days I needed these tips.

Some small tricks you can try

  1. Put ‘Reduce motion to on’.  Go into settings and accessibility in the Apple Watch app.
  2. Turn sounds and haptic feedback off.
  3. Reduce useless notifications (Twitter, games etc).
  4. Turn off Glances that you don’t use. It seems to query the phone to keep data current throughout the day. For example, stocks, world clock and weather are useless for me.
  5. Uninstall watch apps that you don’t use. It may be using background refresh to update data.

Some more drastic measures include

  1. Turn heart beat for workouts off in the watch app.
  2. Use the power reserve mode.
  3. Turn off location access for the Apple Watch.
  4. Turn prominent haptic feedback off.
  5. Turn down screen brightness in the settings.