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EventGhost Help Guide and Review | A Must HAVE!


What is it?

EventGhost is software to automate your Windows PC based on triggers (if this than that).  Once you follow a few guides on how to add triggers and actions it’s extremely powerful.  Download Eventghost here.

Example Trigger

EventGhost triggers are events that happen on your computer and are logged by EventGhost.  These can be used to create a ‘Macro’.  In the image above there are several ‘triggers’ that can be used by dragging the lightning bolt across to a new macros section on the right.


Example Macros

Do you notice the lightning bolt there? That is a trigger that has been dragged to the ‘unnamed macro’.  It can include any type of trigger and then can have any action(s) after that.


Adding Parameters

Lets say you want to add what was said from the AutoRemote message into a custom script that you made.  The first step is to add the line {eg.event.payload.arcomm} into the command line options section and then you can send it to something that happens on your PC.  In the example above I sent it to a food log.

Sample Useful Recipes

  1. Create a good morning scene which controls your lights.  You can integrate it with any home automation system by launching GET requests.
  2. Have an aquarium movie-loop pop up when you aren’t doing anything for a while.
  3. Send an AutoRemote notification when a new download is finished.

Other Manuals

If you are looking to get more information on how to setup basic examples you can try this manual.  Also check out the list of plugins you can use.

So what can you do?

See what you can do with XBMC, Tasker and Yatse and EventGhost here

Other Youtube Videos

Here are some good youtube videos with regardes to EventGhost which you should try.

  1. Basic Setup
  2. Copy Text from your Phone to your PC
  3. EventGhost and AutoRemote
  • Easy to Use
  • Flexibility
  • Integration with other Apps
  • Interface
  • Usage in Automation Community


EventGhost is the benchmark for Windows based automation. It is the best open sourced solutions available. EventGhost can be tricky for a new user but if you follow a few Youtube guides you should be well on your way to connect the web with any application or ‘logged task’ on your PC. With the massive Internet of Things approaching at high speed this will be the backbone of any good home ‘Automation’s Dude’ toolbox.

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