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DIY Home Automation Recipes


We cover some of the least common DIY home automation recipes found on the net. We give you the power to do things that plain old automation hubs can’t do at this moment.  These recipes require software either on your Android, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad or MacBook.  All these recipes usually help tie in lots of capabilities into your already available automation system.  If we display a recipe that isn’t exactly like your system we suggest that you use the same idea and apply it to your own.  Most automation systems have an API that differ slightly and can easily be adapted.

Latest DIY Recipes

  • Recipe: Turn LED Strip Red Before an Appointment (10/8/2014) - Software Used Zapier, AutoRemote, Tasker, Smart Remote(app) Hardware Required IR android device, LED Strips Steps Begin with creating a new Zapier task that has: Trigger: Google Calendar and Event Start Action: AutoRemote and New Message Under #4 Only trigger an event start from Google Calendar when:Time before: 45 minutes #5  Enter the text that you will create a new filter ... Read More
  • Talking Tablet Recipe (10/12/2014) - Software or Services Used Tasker, AutoNotification, IFTTT Hardware Any > 4.0 Android Device Possible Uses Welcome home “Hello Rod” Tell you the weather Tell you what’s happening around you Notify you of any earthquakes There is motion in another room Warning This can get annoying for the people around you if this feature isn’t used ... Read More
  • Connect iOS and Android Together for Home Automation (10/21/2014) - What is this? Android is a lot easier when doing home automation tasks and this appears to be the best way to link your devices together using a little trick. Software AutoRemote, Now Now, Google Search, Tasker, Activator, GooGiri Hardware iOS 7 with Jailbreak and an Android with AutoRemote and Tasker installed. Steps Setup GooGiri, ... Read More