Connect iOS and Android Together for Home Automation

Connect iOS and Android Together for Home Automation

What is this?

Android is a lot easier when doing home automation tasks and this appears to be the best way to link your devices together using a little trick.


AutoRemote, Now Now, Google Search, Tasker, Activator, GooGiri


iOS 7 with Jailbreak and an Android with AutoRemote and Tasker installed.


  1. Setup GooGiri, NowNow and Activator and Install Google Search on your iOS device. Below is a brief video on how Googiri works.
  2. Add a command to send all said ‘text’ to your server such as AutoRemote on a Tasker Android Device.
    Photo 10-21-2014, 10 38 21 AM

    You can see above that I have setup my webserver address to send the text to my server. This server is the URL to the custom link of my AutoRemote URL. This could also go to an EventGhost PC url if you want to do so.

  3. On your Tasker device you’ll need to setup possible said commands but you should receive these commands from your GooGiri setup
  4. Begin starting to create interesting recipes to control every aspect of your home using your iOS device.

What I use it for

  1. I search my XBMC tv shows and movies to play any file using my iOS device
  2. I launch an AutoIt script to search for iTunes or Grooveshark music
  3. I can turn my TV on and do all my regular home automation tasks using my voice and holding the home button.

Why should you use this?

This is far more powerful and useful than HomeKit as it has very limited integration and you can’t interact with the web. You could also create commands to search your computer to send files, browse websites and spit back useful data. You could also integrate this with Acute to have a complete hands free experience. Let me know how you use it in our forums.