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Best Smart Thermostat | Nest VS CT100 VS Lyric

What is a Smart Thermostat?

Smart thermostats allow you to automatically change the temperature based on triggers, schedules or patterns.  Some thermostats can learn from your basic habits and preferences and then turn on by your anticipated presence. Some features of these thermostats might be overkill and we would like to help you find those ones.

What matters to me in a thermostat?

  1. Must change the temperature without me turning it (similar to a programmable thermostat).
  2. Must have a RESTFUL API (this is an API with GET and POST) to access state and change the values.
  3. Must not heat/cool areas that I don’t usually go in (if this matters for you).
  4. Must be cool and heat compatible with humidity.
  5. Must look decent but it’s not important.



  • The Best Looking Thermostat
  • Google owns it and will mine your data
  • Great app and platform
  • IFTTT compatible
  • Lots of features not found on others
  • Very expensive



  • Z-Wave Device
  • Must have Z-Wave Hub
  • Can do everything the others do but you must program it to do so using the hub
  • 7 Day programmable thermostat


Based on the above it’s easy to see that the best device with the most features is the Second Generation Nest.  That said, if you are on a budget you could use the CT100 and use the API to create the same features found in the nest within something like the Vera web platform (you could use any hub platform though).


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